About Courtney Lynn:

A mental health advocate & blogger 

I’m a nano-influencer, who focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and mental health. I want to make this a safe space, a place where I can share my thoughts on just about everything that is currently affecting my life at the moment. I have always been a fan of blogging and my “blogging” days go as far back as my MySpace days. Even then, I loved the idea of being able to share my inner thoughts with complete strangers on the internet in hopes of finding people who felt the same as I did. Little did I know back then, that what I was trying to do was build a little community.


As time went on I then became interested in beauty, such as makeup, and product reviews. So then my blog took a shift into that direction, but then in 2017 real-life caught up with me and I found myself dealing with some serious physical and mental health issues that lead me to do another shift with my blog. I was basically fighting for my life against severe depression and anxiety. So even though I was able to combat some of my issues with blogging and therapy I just didn’t have the desire to blog as regularly as I did in the past.


In 2018 I moved to Philly, and I spent most of 2018 and 2019 mainly working and trying to gain my creativity back. I would blog every couple of months when I was inspired to write, and I even started a podcast and recorded the introduction episode. Then I had a nasty breakup and shortly after that I was laid off from a job I loved and with that fell even further into my depression. Just when I was ready to start 2020 on a creative note and take my writing and blogging more seriously, COVID happened and I just couldn’t see how my blogging about my favorite brands and feelings would be of any type of help when everything around me was falling apart while the whole world was trying to survive a pandemic.


I do need to say that not everything this year was a disaster. Over the summer I was able to get my credit back on track and headed in the right direction. I was also able to spend more time with my family. Then this past November, things finally started to look up. After a year of being unemployed, I was hired at a startup company which took a lot of the weight up off of me and led to my more creative side to once again come back and play a major role in my life.


All of that has brought me back to here, back to blogging, and once again finding joy in sharing my inner thoughts. I hope this site becomes a place where I can build a community as well as space where I can grow into the woman I’m constantly working towards. Here I hope after people read my blog they leave a little wiser, a little more seen, and a lot happier.