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Because I’m Sick…Shit!

***Warning, this was supposed to be an Instagram rant, but it turned out to be a lot longer then I expected and way too much to post on IG. Also, I was hella mad as well.***

So I’m currently laid up in bed…AGAIN due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis which has also blessed me with the recent diagnoses of Iritis AKA Uveitis back in October which caused me to miss multiple days of work. It’s hard to explain to people how one day I can be feeling good, up walking around, looking hella fine and the next day be on what feels like the brink of death, with swollen, inflamed and super painful joints. And because just the day before you looked amazing it’s hard for people to understand why you look and feel like death today. While most(insert family, friends, work) may not understand how autoimmune diseases work, most don’t believe you or care(insert family, bills and your manager). Because to them you’re either faking it, being weak and/or just being hella lazy. So I thought I use this picture as a reference, it was taken this past weekend. The one on the left was taken Saturday night before I washed off my makeup, as you can see my eyes were just fine. But when I woke up Sunday morning my eyes were red, swollen and extra sensitive to the light, which was due to a uveitis(iritis) flare up…just another thing to add to my “My Body Hates Me” list. And yet another reason for people to question my authenticity when I tell them I’m not feeling well. And I haven’t even gotten to the “But you work from home, how can you call off” comments yet. Yes, I’m hella blessed to be able to work from home, it does make having to work while suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis a lot easier. But I would be lying if I sat here and told y’all I don’t have really bad days, to where getting out of bed is impossible, no matter how good my day before was or how easy it is to work from home. But I guess I should suffer through the pain, and now also the inability to properly see so I can seem strong and not a lazy bum in your eyes. Fuck how I’m feeling I guess, I should just suck it up, be strong and carry on. Cause that’s what my mom did, and my grandmother before me and her mother before that. Get to work Courtney, and pay these bills it seems like you’re purposely trying to skip out on. Courtney why don’t you want to help out around the house with work and money. Courtney, why don’t you want to come into work, and schedule people who or sick and in pain just like you are and take being treated horribly while doing it? Courtney, why are you so lazy?

I don’t know…maybe because I’m sick…SHIT!

Sorry for the rant, I’ll be back to my normal chipper self next week lol!

Peace Yinz Guys


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